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Welcome to Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy which is an


“Outstanding” academy for children aged from 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs.


We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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 Tel 01473 467600

 Defoe Road, Ipswich, IP1 6SG






Our Curriculum Aims



To provide a rich, stimulating and rewarding learning environment that encourages and enables pupils to flourish and develop.

• To ensure all pupils have access to the Foundation Stage/National Curriculum at a level appropriate to their individual needs.

• To provide a differentiated curriculum, meeting the needs, interests and capabilities of each pupil.

• To provide continuity and progression, ensuring that the pupils learning experiences form a continuous and coherent process.

• To involve parents/carers in their children's learning.

• To provide appropriate accreditation which is recognised nationally.

• To provide opportunities for pupils to make choices and to develop independence skills.

These aims ensure that we enable our pupils to:

• Increase their awareness and understanding of the world.

• Have increasing control and influence over their own lives.

• Be motivated by learning at school and beyond.

• Become increasingly valued citizens within their local community.

We believe that within the curriculum there are two essential strands which are integral to all we do.

• Communication is fundamental to all learning and is valued and encouraged in all its forms and is essential for all pupils to access the curriculum.

• Independence – Enabling pupils to work towards increased levels of self advocacy, planning for their future and the choices and challenges of life beyond school.


Life in Modern Britain

Our school aims to prepare pupils for life in Modern Britain. We promote fundamental British values through teaching about democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.