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physical and/or sensory needs. Many pupils also have complex medical and                                   Tel 01473 467600
learning needs.We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy.                      
                        Headteacher – Helen MacDougall                                                           Defoe Road, Ipswich, IP1 6SG


Owls Class News

Welcome to Owls class. We are an older Key Stage 2 class. We have a fun and varied curriculum and work really hard developing our skills for learning.

Spring Term 2017

Creative Learning

In creative learning we have been looking at inventors and inventions. We have been finding out what they do and the significance these inventions have had on our lives. We have learned about Leonardo Da Vinci, The Wright Brothers and Alexander Graham Bell. We have used our DT skills to test our own version of their inventions.





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In Maths we have joined forces with Foxes Class. We have been working in groups looking at different aspects of number and playing lots of number games.




In our literacy lessons we have been working hard on our handwriting skills.  We have been working on letter size and position.  We have been making some good progress. In creative writing sessions, we have been using the Pie Corbett Talk4Writing teaching method.   We have made story maps and story plans to help with our independent writing. 



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In PSHE we have been talking about our emotions.  We have also been looking at our teeth, learning how to brush them properly and how to look after them by making sure we eat healthy food.




In ICT we have been having lots of fun using the Beebots, the iPads and generally improving our computer skills...and of course we took part in Safer Internet Day in February where we learnt all about pictures on the Internet.



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World Book Day

We really loved taking part in World Book Day - having our parents visit us and going up to Mandela class to take part in the book and cake sale.  We loved dressing up and listening to stories.



What We Think About Our Learning


We are really proud of the progress we have made with our handwriting.

We enjoy our sessions with Foxes Class.



How You Can Help Us With Our Learning


Next term our creative learning topic is dinosaurs.  Maybe could visit a museum with some dinosaurs in it.