Spring 2018     Subject Specific PSHE    Foxes
PSHE and Citizenship 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week   1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week 1 week  
unit Our Healthy Year Calendar  [KS2]      
focus Our healthy pledge stretch and flex sugar smart morning movement healthy mind   great moves healthy breakfast game day favourite snacks what's on the menu? jump to it  
activties What is a pledge?               discuss and share ideas that link with us all making a healthy pledge Touch your toes and stretch, stand tall and stretch or lean to the side with your arms over your head Use the sugar ranking cards to put food and drinks in order
of the most to the least sugar. Then look at the nutrition labels to check the answers.
Try making an ‘activity zone’ to use before the bell or whistle goes.                          Why not do a different activity each day?  Plan a timetable for the week that includes eating well, moving more, taking time out and having fun!    Make up a dance class – you could base it on a theme such as different types of animal Watch the Be Food Smart film on the School Zone. Can you remember the examples of healthier breakfast foods that the reporter shares?  In small groups, invent a new game. Then teach another group how to play.  Tell the class about your favourite snacks. Can you choose or eat a different healthy snack for each day of the week?  Look at the lunch menu for the day. Tell your class what you like to eat and what you’ll choose. Is there something new you could try?  Jump 10 times in one way, then tag your friend who jumps 10 times in a different way. Keep going until the whole class has finished.   
download the 'classroom charter poster' and record the 5 ways  that the class will be healthier this year from their discussions         can you think of other stretches from PE leson and club experiences?                               continue to try 'Fitness Letters' and see if there are any ideas to add from here identify foods from cards and chat about when/if we eat these foods                     match up pictures and real objects                                      look at standard weight measurements used on  card    share text on pg 1 'Inspiration for the whole school' to begin discussion on coming up with ideas practical for members of our class - how can we adapt some so all can take part? continue with active morning registration, attendance at clubs and add planning more activity into morning and lunchtime play                                         individually record snacks and meal contents into a timetable master [revisting how to read and use a grid]   write a letter home and ask for some help with the 'Daily dance' challenge for this week                                personalise the letter by explainig what they have enjoyed so far and  keep a personal record of breakfasts for the week and see if by the end of the week some healthier breakfast foods from the film can be included  share playground games they play now or have played in the past in KS1     look at the ways these games are organised and the rules - are there similarities?                            In groups, adapt one of the games into a 'new game', try it out and give it a name begin each day of the week sharing the look of and name of our snacks before recording on our personal snack timetable                    discuss which snacks are healthy for us and what makes them healthy [revisit sugar smart week finds]                             discuss when they look at menues and make a choice  -    do they try something different or always have the same?                                     put together their favourite menu for one meal in the day                                           let someone else look and comment on it contents experiment with different ways we can jump                can we all jump the same way and if not why is that?   can we come up with 5 different ways of jumping to use in this weeks challenge activity?  
everyone sign the class pledge come up with a class list and repeat every day of the week use sugar cubes to give a visual picture of the amount of sugar in the card foods put into place an activity for each morning registration and take photos as a record has eating well and moving more improved our well-being?                                     everyone express their personal thoughts   organise and run a lunchtime dance club to run this week [revisit skills learnt when planning Spotacular and put into play again] use ILS room to prepare and taste some of the different breakfasts from the film and the healthy examples from personal timetables decide together on who in school their games would work for and invite them to join us for a'game' prepare ourselves some healthy fruit or vegetable snacks to try  -  play snack attack charades to decide on the order of tasting the snacks  pledge to try a new food this week from the school menu or in packed lunch or for snack or at a mealtime at home - share how got on begin the challenge in pairs, then small groups and then can we do it as a whole class?                                       shall we challenge the school?  
put into place a rota for scratching the answer to the question/joke - begin and enjoy - share with the rest of class   put into place a rota for scratching the answer to the question/joke - begin and enjoy - share with the rest of class