Spring 2018     Subject Specific RE    Foxes
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unit Reflective Storytelling  
focus What is a parable? Parables Day  Parables of loss sharing  friendship and love Parable Boxes Jesus
activties What is inside?             'pass the parcel' to music -  unwrap the letters of parable and in the centre a bible and an envelope with a riddle to solve visit by Discovery Centre Team to lead us in a morning of activites and a celebration  'What did Jesus teach about God in his parables?' The Prodigal Son  [Luke 15: 11 - 32]                             Introudce another parable of loss - use the Reflective Storytelling script and Wondering Questions Feeding of the Five Thousand                             A miracle Bible story, recorded in all four gospel accounts of Jesus' live The man who said 'thank you'   [Luke 17: 11 - 19]                                      use the Reflective Storytelling script  what have you learnt about why Jesus told parables?     Revist the letters of parable, the 3 hoops and parable boxes revisit the small wooden cross given on Parables Day  
revisit the Bible is the Holy Book of Christians , the faith name and what else can remembered about this faith Parable of the Two Housesbuilders  -  pebble   [Matthew 7: 24 - 27] revisit the parable of loss from Parables Day and re-tell as a Reflective Story - The Good Shepherd and Lost Sheep what dos this story tell us about the kind of many Jesus was?                          What does it tell us about his disciples as well?  I wonder how you would feel if nobody wanted to see you?                                         I wonder when you say 'thank you' and when you forget to say 'thank you'?  create a parable box for each story we have enjoyed and include in the lid an explanation of what they teach Christians about God discuss the forthcoming festival of Easter and what Christians remember on the days of Holy Week 
what is inside a Bible?  Parables are some of the stories that Jesus told and are stories with special meanings inside them The Good Shepherd and Lost Sheep  -  small wooden cross                                    [Luke 15: 1 - 7] Re-tell the 2 parables of loss to each other using Reflective Story scripts and storybags Discuss and learn 'Sharing is caring' song as learnt a song for Parable of the Two Housebuilders Revisit the parable of love from Parables Day and re-tell as a Reflective Story  - The Good Samaritan invite a visitor[s] into the classroom from the local community and from the school community into class The Sad Day    [Luke 22 - 23]                                        use the Reflective Storytelling script and Wondering Questions
  The Good Samaritan  -  heart shape                          [Luke 10: 25 - 37]   use fish and bread shapes to share a personal memory of  one good sharing act they have corried out March 11th Mothering Sunday given consideration and action demonstrate how Jesus' stories can be passed on by Christians and who passes them on  
  Engage Enquire/Explore Enquire/Explore Enquire/Explore Enquire/Explore Evaluate/Express  
Attainment Target 1  -  Learning about religion and belief   Attainment Target 2  -  Learning from religion and belief
How pupils develop their knowledge, skills and understanding with reference to    How pupils, in the light of their learning about religion, express their responss and insights with regard to questions and issues about
Level beliefs, teachings and sources practices and ways of life forms of expression   identity and belonging meaning, purpose and truth values and commitments
  I can I can I can   I can I can I can
1 remember one of Jesus' parables and talk about it use the words God, Jesus, parable, Christian, Bible correctly in questions/answers recognise pictures of the parables and talks about what I see   talk about times when I feel alone or lost or when I need help talks about what I find interesting or puzzling in one of Jesus' parables talks about a story or book that is important to me and name an important book for a Christian