Spring 2018     Science       Mandela
  7 weeks   7 weeks   7 weeks   4 weeks
AQA Unit Awards 71461 Science:  Earth, Sun and Moon   82175  Earth in Space [Unit 3]     76661  Space, Planets and the Earth   British Science Week is                  exploration and discovery
  Entry Level   Pre-Entry level   Entry Level   09 - 18.03.18
outcomes choose from a selection of shapes, the most appropriate to represent the Earth   identify the Sun on a picture   identify and name the planets in the solar system   exploring the outdoors:  Poo from the past
choose from a selection of three spheres,, the appropiate size to represent the Sun, the Moon, the Earth   match activities and objects to day and night symbols using symbols   recognse from photographs the Moon, the Sun, Earth, another planet and stars   exploring the outdoors:  Augmented reality minibeasts
draw a diagram to represent the position of the Sun in relation to the Earth during the day and night   match activities and objects to summer and winter symbols using symbols   show knowledge of the different Moon phases by keeping a ten day record   exploring our homes:  Confusing cans
show knowldege of the fact that the Earth rotates around the Sun   look at photographs of space, the Moon and the planets   experience looking at the Moon at night   exploring our homes:  Plastic milk
show knowldege of from which direction the sun rises, and where it sets   watch a presentation about the Earth in Space   show knowledge of the fact that the Sun is the centre of our solar system   exploring the world:  Polar food
show knowldege of how long the Earth takes to rotate on its axis   be encouraged to look at the moon at night       exploring the world:  Astro-nappy
show knowldege of how long the Earth takes to orbit the Sun           exploring the world:  Run to the Deep
show knowldege of how long the Moon takes to orbit the Earth            
show knowldege of the changing phases of the Moon at various times of the 28 day cycle