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Welcome to Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy which is an


“Outstanding” academy for children aged from 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs.


We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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Vice Chairperson


This year the vice chair is being shared, with both candidates holding the post for half a year each.

chair and vicechair

My Manifesto


I would like to be on the School Council because I am 13 years old and I use a wheelchair to get around school.

I have been on the School Council before and I have a lot of experience of being a school councillor. I was the Secretary last school council year

I have talked to the school governors about the School Council. I have been on Suffolk Radio for Children In Need at the school. I like to talk about things. I love sport.

My favourite sport is football, boccia and wheelchair football.

I have been on a boccia tournament in Sheffield and I helped the school become 12th in England.

I have sold cards for my own business. I would like to help raise money for more musical instruments. I have sold things with the school like food and cards. I try and help my friends who sruggle more then me like picking things up off the floor for them and help others in the school. PE and Art are my favourite subjects. please vote for me!



vicechair and chair  

My Manifesto


I am in year 8. I have been on the School Council before. You might think that’s a reason to vote for someone else, (you probably think it would be good to give the chance to others) but please bear in mind that they might not know what to do or be as caring as I am. Please bear in mind they might not change things for the better. I can definitely say that I won’t be lazing around; I will change things to better your education and health. I don’t want to make school boring for you. I will try my best to make sure you don’t bottle up problems.

I am kind, thoughtful and a good listener. I would be very understanding of your issues and do my upmost to resolve them as soon as possible.

I know people are not keen on school dinners. I would like to change that for your benefit. I will try my best to raise money for the school and make sure we as a school have funds for school trips.