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Welcome to Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy which is an


“Outstanding” academy for children aged from 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs.


We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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 Tel 01473 467600

 Defoe Road, Ipswich, IP1 6SG






Further Skills

Reading Skills


bear sequencing story

Bear sequencing story


Read the story, then put the story in order



Writing Skills




 dont use said

Don't Say Said


Work through the powerpoint to find alternatives to saying 'said'

powerful words for said and cried

Powerful Words for said and Cried and Others


Explore alternatives for commonly used verbs

compound word creator 

Compound Word Creator


Practise creating compound words from a choice of 4 pictures





 BBC dance mat touch typing

BBC Dance Mat


Learn to touch type and meet some fun characters



Text Types





Design and write your own invitations

writing instructions



Presentation on how to write instructions

writing instructions 1



More practise with writing instructions

bear sequencing story


Writing captions


Practise copy-typing or writing captions to the story without support

compare and contrast writing frame

Compare and Contrast


Use this writing frame to compare and contrast

posters newspapers and comics

Poster, Newspapers and Comic Strips


Learn how to write all three

newspaper writing

Newspaper Writing


Develop the skill of writing good headlines

persuasive text save badger wood

Persuasive Texts


Write a persuasive text to save Badger Wood







Create similes of your own on the one armed bandit

 acrostic poems

Acrostic Poems


Use this template to help you write your own acrostic poem

 concrete or shape poetry

Concrete or Shape Poetry


Find out what this is and create your own with a wildlife theme

elements of poetry

Elements of poetry


Learn about the different elements of a poem and answer questions to show you understand 





 story starter

Story Starters


Create a visual setting for a story to help inspire writing

 create your own character

Story Characters


Create your own characters to help inspire your writing

 create your own wild character

Wild characters


Create your own wild characters to help inspire your writing

 elements of a story

Elements of a Story


Learn about the different elements of a story through the tale of Cinderella