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Thomas Wolsey School caters for children between the ages of 3-16 years, with                                  twitterfacebook

physical and/or sensory needs. Many pupils also have complex medical and                                   Tel 01473 467600
learning needs.We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy.                      
                        Headteacher – Helen MacDougall                                                           Defoe Road, Ipswich, IP1 6SG

School Council Elections


At the beginning of every school year, we swear out the old school council and start the process to elect a new one.  Anyone in the Secondary Department can stand for the council.  Anyone in Secondary Department is allowed to vote for them. The process normally takes 2-3 weeks.  


Firstly, if you would like to stand, you must inform Pauline Darbyshire and she will add your name to the list of candidates.  


Next, you must prepare your manifesto.  This is a document which tells the rest of the department a little bit about yourself, what is important to you and states why you think you would be a good candidate for the council.  It helps at this stage to do some canvassing.  This is where potential candidates visit the people who will vote for them, find out what issues concern them and try to persuade them to vote for them.


 Finally, the whole department come together for the hustings.  All the candidates wishing to stand for the council, get the chance to address potential voters.  This is the point that you read out your manifesto.  You may also like to add a persuasive speech to help boost your vote.


After everyone wishing to stand has had a chance to present themselves, voting takes place.  All voting is carried out in secret and Pauline ensures that everyone gets a chance to vote.   Every voter must register themselves, then select their 5 favourite candidates from the list.  A cross is placed next to any names selected.  Candidates can vote for themselves.


Pauline then organises the counting of the votes in a maths lesson and the winners are announced in Friday's assembly.


There are normally 5 positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Spokesperson.