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 Foxes Class News

Welcome to Foxes class! We are the oldest class in the Primary Department. We are aged between 8 and 11 years old. We are taught as a class and have a fun and varied curriculum but we have opportunities to get used to a more grown-up way of learning such as being split into groups and being taught by different teachers for some subjects.

Spring Term 2017

      Birthday Statistics

We do love using the whiteboard in Maths lessons and have started to congratulate each other on how much clearer their wrtiting is, on it.  Wow!


We used our birth date and information as the starting point for exploring tally charts, pictograms and bar charts.  

We came up with a list of questions we could use as the basis for our data collection and learnt a step at a time, so that by the end we knew what was involved through from organising what information we needed to collect, how we could record it, how we could present it and discussing what it then showed us. Statistics is fun!  

1 400
2 400

      Writers, Photographers, Broadcasters!

We began the year by presenting a 'news broadcast' to everyone in assembly.  We chose the content following research on-line, in newspapers and radio broadcasts.  Our favourite story was of the twins born across 2 days.


Tori and Tom visited us as part of 'Tractors in School' with a 1950's and modern tractor.  We recorded our thougths about the visit in just 50 words - this was tricky as we had so much we wanted to say and so had to get clever withour vocabulary!


On the second day of Spring we went on a local walk to search out signs of Spring.  We were the photographers!  Back at school we each wrote a poem entitled 'What springs in Spring?' and illustrated it with our photographs.  These are now on a display board for others to enjoy as well.




Science has been so 'hands on!' this term with us finding out more about rocks.  

We were inspired by the 8 interesting facts we began with, about soil.  We each collected our own soil sample to explore with our hands - some liked this more than others!.


We used miscrocopes to explore further the various rocks we had found in the school grounds and the classroom was far from quiet with everyone sharing at once what they could see!

We learnt some new scientific vocabularly linked to the 3 different types of rock.


Next term we will be looking at fossils.


3 400
4 400

 Famous for more than Five Minutes!

Our 'Famous People' timeline display in the corridor has defineitly attracted attention this term - as we hoped it would - as we began by sharing information about someone we each felt was famous.  Some individuals were known to everyone, and others led us to learning something new.


Foxes have been learning about two significant authors and their work. They have compared Fantasy characters from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by William Shakespeare, with Dobby from 'Harry Potter,' by JK Rowling.

On World Book Day, we decided that we would like to create our own Fantasy characters using potatoes. We planned our characters using Clicker 6 and then used different types of materials to create them.



      Film Makers!

Foxes have started a film-making course in their weekly Computing lesson.  So far we have learnt about the importance of keeping our recording device steady and we have made cardboard tripods to help us with this.  We have planned a single shot film and have started recording.  We have some great ideas planned.


The course is not our first foray into film-making however; last term we made a couple of films about Scott's final journey to the South Pole.  We found out how to edit films using MovieMaker software, add sub-titles, headings and credits.  We were very pleased with our efforts to record this fascinating piece of history.


5 400
6 400


It is always exciting when you receive a parcel through the post, and we received some boxes from the National Potato Council.  Everyone wanted to be part of preparing the boxes as our chitting trays and getting the seed potatoes ready for our visit to Trinity Park, for planting.

It was fun learning from potato farmers more about the different varieties, the machinery they use on their farms and planting up our grow bags.


We have lots of ideas as to how we wish to cook and eat our potatoes after harvesting in June and do appreciate we have 4 months of looking after them, to get them to this stage.  We hope our class courtyard proves to be a place they like and look forward to recording their growth on our wall chart.

 What We Feel About Our Learning

"I am feeling incredibly confident in maths!"

"I can add numbers, take-away numbers, divide numbers and multiply numbers"

"I enjoyed planting our potatoes in soil at Trinity Park"

"I enjoy maths because I count the cards"

"I liked chitting the potatoes"

"I liked finding a horse picture in the newspaper and labelling it"


Next term

In our Creative Learning lessons we are going back in time, to the ages of the dinosaur.  We would love you to enjoy books, toys, games, visitis to museums and attractions together as a family, to see and learn more about dinosaurs.



What about getting outside and growing some flowers, fruit or vegetables to support us looking after plants?  All the experience we get in this area will help us with looking after our potatoes and achieveing a crop to be proud of!