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“Outstanding” academy for children aged from 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs.


We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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 Butterflies class news

Our Butterflies class is made up of children from Key Stage 1 and 2. They have a diverse range of needs, some of which are quite complex.

 Spring Term 2015


In Literacy we have been reading lots of rhymes and poems. We have particularly focused on joining in with actions throughout a story and some of us have been joining in with a repetitive verse using our communication aids. We have enjoyed exploring lots of different objects when we read the story ‘My Granny went to market’ and we also enjoyed pressing the different sound switches for all the different fruits when we read ‘Kitchen Disco’, we especially enjoyed the disco switch!

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In Numeracy some of us have been working on sharing out objects to each other and counting out amounts by pushing them into a bucket.

      Understanding the world

We have been exploring lots of different textures and materials with our hands. We enjoyed testing paper to see what happens when we scrunch, wet, rip and bend it!

3 400
4 400


Some of us are really beginning to show are likes and dislikes through our Sensology sessions. During our ‘Gruffalo’ themed Sensology session some of us really liked the feel of the rough bark from the woods and some of us pushed it away. All of us enjoyed looking at the Gruffalo puppet and some of us laughed when we listened to the Gruffalo growling sound!


We have been enjoying going shopping in our Communication group and buying lots of different toys from Barney’s toy shop. We are getting really quick at requesting to buy something and some of us are even asking to change what we have bought. We have also been enjoying joining in with our shopping song by using our communication aids to help sing the lines!

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We have cooked lots of different things related to our class stories. We especially enjoyed recipes where we got to use the microwave to melt things. We got to melt butter to mix into our 'Gruffalo' crumble!

 What we think about our learning

We have really enjoyed exploring different objects and listening to sounds related to our class stories.

 How you can help us with our learning

Our next topic is ‘Dinosaurs’ please encourage us to make dinosaur sounds and try and do related actions. Please tell our teacher if we have any favourite dinosaur related stories or songs that we enjoy.