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We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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 da Vinci Class

Welcome to Da Vinci class.  We range from 11-14 years and, this year, are the only Key Stage 3 class in the Secondary Department. There are 11 of us altogether.  As well as continuing with core subjects such as literacy and numeracy, we take part in Creative Learning Days.  These days are themed around a topic. Several subjects are taught through this topic which gives us the flexibility to go out on visits and do a lot of our learning in real places beyond the classroom. 

  Spring 2017


We found out what life was like for children during WW2.  We visited Ipswich Museum where we learnt that food was rationed and people only had small amounts of meat, cheese and eggs each week.  We had a go at building an air raid shelter and listened to the sound of a bomb warning siren.  We used a Morse code machine to send and recieve messages. We had to guess which member of the family different things belonged to, e.g., a ration book, make up, playing cards with silhouettes of war planes, air raid helmet and clacker. A visitor brought in a WW2 Thompson gun and Sten gun for us to look at, as well as a number of other artefacts including a gas mask, uniform hats, bullets, photos of D-Day and maps.  We played children's games, such as, Ludo and snap.  We learnt that children from cities were evacuated to the countryside and only had a small sitcase to take their things in. We also tried some WW2 cookery and made rabbit stew and chocolate steam pudding.  We thought they were delicious.

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We have continued to practise our skills and learn new ones this term.  On the money theme we have worked on recognising coins and making repeat patterns, as well as giving change from 10p.  Some of us have added and subtracted sums of money to give change.  We have compared the size and weight of objects and looked for objects that are bigger or smaller than 1m.  Some of us have taken part in a throwing competition and tried to say who was first, second, third and last.  We continued to explore 3D shapes and try to think of real objects that are like cylinders, cubes, etc., as well as working out how many faces, edges and vertices they have. Some of us are practising our time skills. We have carried out surveys on favourite sports, animals and food and we are using our data to produce bar charts and pictograms in the Excel program. 


On Wednesday afternoons we have the opportunity to join our peers from different classes and work on specific skills.  Some of us go to physio group where we take part in a fun and sociable session of stretching and strengthening games.  Those that go to computing are learning about on line safety and have been finding out how strong their passwords are.  Social interaction group has given some of us the chance to put our social skills into practise learning about our emotions and how to be good friends.  We have fun with some of our less able peers doing things they like, such as taking turns to play percussion instruments and blow bubbles.  They love being in a group with us.  We really enjoy playing games like snakes and ladders which can get quite competitive and we have had some good discussions about things we are interested in, such as the computer games we play at home. 

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Da Vinci class are good at sport and have had an exciting term in PE.  We took part in some extra boccia training sessions with an outside coach and through practising our skills have made good progress.  Some of us took part in the boccia championships and got through to the regionals where we were beaten by just one point.  Several members of our class were chosen to represent Thomas Wolsey at the table cricket tournament.  We won our second match but didn't quite qualify for the next round. We will continue to work hard in PE and encourage each other to improve our skills and next year we could be in the finals!


We have been busy exploring the properties and changes of materials through practical activities and then challenging each others knowledge through personally devised quizes and questions.  Some of us can be very tough and give questions and images that give so few clues!

We all had great fun designing a spaceship that would not work for an alien.  We used our material property knowledge to good effect.


When it came to separating a variey of supermarket goods from each other, we had to choose our own equipment, record a prediction, carry out the practical and record the result, as we felt best.  Everyone worked with a partner and teamwork definitely proved to be key, as some of the materials appreared to have 'a life of their own'!  

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This term in our DT lessons we have been learning about how torches work, and designing and making our own. We started off by learning about electrical circuits, the various component names and how to link them together to create a working circuit. We were very proud when we were able to light the bulb up! We have learnt about circuit diagrams and have had a go at drawing our own. We enjoyed looking inside existing torches to see what we could find inside and have followed a design brief to create a torch suitable for a specific user. We have created our own bespoke torch casings following our designs and are fitting together components to ensure that our torches are fully functional. We have been really focussed and enthusiastic throughout the whole project and can't wait to show off our finished torches to everyone! 

What We Think About Our Learning

"4 1/2 stars out of 5", "the guns were really heavy", "I really enjoyed the visits" "it's nice doing physio - I need it as I'm mostly in my chair"

 How You Can Help Us With Our Learning

Next term's CLD topic is the Waterfront.  We will be looking at land use and how areas change over time.  It would be really useful to look at buildings when you are out and about with your children and notice what they are used for and what they look like.