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Mandela Class News

Welcome to Mandela Class.  We are aged between 14 and 16 and we are the only Key Stage 4 class at Thomas Wolsey this year.  There are 9 of us altogether.  As well as continuing with our core subjects such as literacy and numeracy, we spend our time working towards accredited courses, life skills and preparing for transition to college. 

Spring Term 2017

    Work Experience

Our Year 11s have been very busy this term with work experience placements.  Pupils have all tried out 2 placements each which have included: Dedham Community Farm, Recreate Enterprises, the Sense charity shop in Ipswich, Brambles nursery in Reydon and our own Key Stage 1 class at TW.  They have had a range of experiences and undertaken a huge range of tasks from meeting and greeting customers and tidying and sorting clothes at the charity shop, to up-cycling crafting products for resale at Recreate, to feeding animals and painting sheds at the farm to playing with children, giving them their snacks and supporting their learning at Brambles nursery and in Rabbits class.  They have learnt a lot from the experiences and have met lots of new people along the way. 

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      Creative Arts

The majority of the class went to see 'The Best Thing' at the New Wolsey Theatre earlier in the term. This was a masked performance with no dialogue. They responded with maturity to the grown-up subject matter and really enjoyed the humourous scenes.  Several pupils from school were interviewed by the cast members at the end of the performance to find out how they found the 'relaxed' performance, put on specially by the theatre to meet pupils with additional needs. 

Meanwhile in Expressive Arts, pupils have been trying their hand at filming. The have tried different camera angles, shot types and camera movements with some interesting results!


Pupils spent last term finding out about the Global Goals and sustainable development.  This term they selected one change that they felt would make the world a better place. Pupils chose recycling in school as their 'project of change' and have set about raising awareness through posters, games and leaflets which they intend to distribute around school and to homes.  Their intention is to increase the opportunities for recycling in school which they've found out are currently non-existent!

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E-Safety and Computing  

Mandela Class took part in Safer Internet Day on 6th February and spent the day taking part in a variety of activities which explored the use of images on the Internet.  We found out that pictures aren't always what they seem and to be careful not to be fooled by everything we see.  We also looked at a selection of images and discussed whether we thought they would be good to share or whether they gave too much information away.

Some pupils from Mandela Class have also been learning about other aspects of e-safety and computer programming in our Wednesday afternoon lifeskills sessions.  The subjects we have covered have generated a lot of interesting discussions!


We have been busy this term exploring and considering just where and how we get electrical energy, how we make use of electrical appliances safely and what we need to make succesful circuits.

We began with discussing and recognising how we use both battery and mains electricity in our daily lives.  We thought about basic safety.  We had to collect our own components from the selection on offer to make a range of simple circuits.  We had to find the correct batteries to put into our torches and check they worked.  We were very proficient!


After learning more about fossil fuel power stations and sustainable alternative sources of power, we went to visit the local 'Energy from Waste Plant'.  We got to see and follow the journey of the waste either on foot or interactively.  We finished with making a pledge as to how we are individually going to help our planet.

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This term the Year 11s have been putting the final touches to their major piece for their OCR qualification. The results are fantastic and range from portrait to landscape and from paintings to textile pieces. They have also been interviewed about their artwork and created an artist statement to sit alongside their work in exhibition. The Year 11s have also been working hard and have been exploring a range of art processes and creating their own piece based on their interests which they hope to exhibit alongside the Year 11 work.

What We Think About Our Learning

"The play made me feel quite emotional...but I really enjoyed it." (The Best Thing)

"This has been a brilliant trip!" (Visit to 'Great Blakenham Energy from Waste Facility')

"I am leading the group!" (Previously quieter member of the communication group)

How You Can Help Us With Our Learning

Pupils will be continuing with e-safety next term. Having regular conversations about safe and unsafe beahviours online and relating online expectations to real-life expectations is a great way to give them life-long skills. 

We will be performing at the New Wolsey next term.  This year's theme is 'Who invented the sausage?'  We will be asking pupils to contribute to our brainstorming sessions about inventers and explorers - some preparatory work on this over the Easter holidays would be really helpful.