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Welcome to Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy which is an


“Outstanding” academy for children aged from 3-16 with physical and/or sensory needs.


We are co-located with Ormiston Endeavour Academy. 


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 Wonder Class News

Welcome to Wonder Class! We are aged 11-16. We have complex needs so our time-table has been specially created to match our needs. We have a lot of structure and routine and sensory input but we still make sure all our older pupils are working towards a range of accredited courses to recognise all the wonderful learning they do!

 Spring Term 2017


Our theme this term has been 'New'. We started with the New Year and explored New Year's resolutions such as eating healthily and exercising more. We have been brave and tried activities and experiences that are new and different to us and we have finished the term by looking at new life of plants, animals and humans. We have cooked simple dishes, explored things with our hands, been out to visit linked places such as a farm and a baby shop and we have linked our weekly Sensology, our creativity sessions and our individual target work to the weekly topic theme. We have also been lucky enough to have some special visitors- a baby sister of one of our friends in another class and Rhubarb and Toots the chickens who we enjoyed feeding, holding, and watching peck around our classroom! 

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      Circle Time

We have a daily circle time session where we work on lots of different skills such as listening, vocalising, using our communication aids and gross and fine motor skills. This term we have learnt a new greeting song which includes vocalising and guitar playing which we love and every week we play a different game linked to out topic. Our games have included 'Ready, Steady, Grain', 'Broccoli Boogie', 'Farmyard Chorus' and 'Mucky Dip' (pictured). The games are always great fun and can also be quite mucky! We finish every circle time with arm stretches and a hand massage which always is a chilled out end to the session. 


We have been experiencing seasonal changes this term and there has been a huge range of weather for us to explore and record, including heavy snow, gale force winds, frost thick enough to write our names in and warm spring sunshine.  We loved the snow which landed on our noses and eye lashes and made us laugh.  We went for a spring walk and found blossom, buds, flowers and new grass.  We have also been finding out about animals including humans.  We explored how animals move and tried some of the moves ourselves, enjoyed listening to a song about things animals do, such as, eat (one of our favourite things), sleep and breath.  We listened to baby birds hatching and being fed by their parents and some of us watched the video clip.  We took part in a sensory session making edible birds nests which included scrunching shredded wheat in the packet, feeling the steam from hot water, comparing it to cold water (we love splashing water) and snapping, smelling and tasting chocolate (yummy!).  We had a sensory gardening session feeling dry soil, mixing it with water, listening to the seeds being shaken in the packet, filling pots with soil and planting basil, parsley, radish and sunflower seeds. 

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This term maths has been all about number.  We took part in a treasure hunt around school which included feeling the dots along the corridors and matching numbers.  We practise our fine motor skills playing instruments along to maths counting songs and clapping up to 5. We have taken part in practical counting activities including counting spoonfuls of salt into a bowl and mixing it with water to make it dissolve, throwing bean bags and trying to get balls into a bucket.  We did a survey of the TV programmes we like and loved listening to the theme tunes from our favourite shows. We compared trays of objects which contained one or lots of objects and loved our teacher blowing lots of bubbles for us.  It was very funny to feel them bursting on our skin.


We have been practicing our ICT skills lots this term. Some of us have been practicing our one and two switch skills using various computer games, some of us have been using the touchscreens to improve our looking and accuracy and some of us have been completing challenges to better our mouse skills. We all love using the computers- especially games that are noisy and loud. We have all used the ipads to try different games and apps and we particularly liked playing with them in a very dark room so the screens really glowed. Even our music has had an ICT makeover some weeks with the exploration of the interactive skoob a sensitive squeezy cube we can make our own musical compositions with. 

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     Resonance Boards

Some of our group have had a weekly resonance board session this term. A resonance board is a raised wooden surface through which you can feel the vibrations of sound through. We start each session with a tapping song and have been working on locating vibrating objects on the board, making independent movements encouraged by objects placed on our arms and legs which make amplified sounds as we move and on anticipation. We always love finishing off our sessions by listening to and feeling our favourite pieces of music through the board. 

What We Think About Our Learning

Kiera and Harry have loved the circle time games.

Henry and Luke have had a great time giggling together and responding to each others vocalisations in music therapy. 

Marc thinks the resonance board is great fun.

Kate has been really proud of her independent work in art. 

Hannah thought playing the skoob and making a felted egg in creativity were fantastic. 

 How You Can Help Us With Our Learning

Please check our earwig timelines as often as possible so you can talk to us about what we have been doing in school and practice some of the skills at home- we love you seeing all the pictures and videos of what we have been up to and we are sure you will be very proud of us!