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PUBLISHED: 14:46 20 July 2017

Sarah Stott, deputy headteacher, is retiring from Thomas Wolsey School after more than 25 years. Picture: GREGG BROWN

A deputy headteacher retiring from a special school in Ipswich after more than 25 years had originally signed up to work just one day as a supply teacher



Sarah Stott with staff and pupils outside Thomas Wolsey School. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Sarah Stott, who will say a tearful farewell to children and staff at Thomas Wolsey School tomorrow, said she will miss the school and the children terribly.

She said: “I am feeling excited about retiring but I have got mixed feelings about leaving the school because it is such an amazing place.

“A friend of mine who was working here originally persuaded me to do a day’s supply teaching.

“While I was at work I thought ‘actually, I quite like it here’ and was then contracted for another day and a half.


New headteacher at Thomas Wolsey School, Helen MacDougall. Picture: GREGG BROWN

“Gradually I got offered more and more time and eventually ended up as deputy head.

“Then the headteacher left and we didn’t have time to appoint anyone so I have been acting headteacher for a year.”

Mrs Stott said the school, which caters for children aged 3-16 with physical or sensory needs, has been an amazing place to work.

She said: “It has been fabulous, I have really enjoyed the time I have had here.

“The children are just something else, they are amazing.

“In mainstream education you may get to know some of your pupils, particularly in an exam group. But we have children here from age three to 16 so you end up knowing them for 13 years.

“You get to know them all so well.

“And its the kind of staff you get working in a place like here - they are just so caring with the children.

“I will miss it here, I know every single one of the children really well. It will be difficult to leave but I can’t stay here forever.”

Mrs Stott says she is looking forward to her retirement, and has a holiday in New Zealand booked for October.

Meanwhile, the school’s new headteacher is easing into the role after taking up the position at the beginning of June.

Helen McDougall said it was an honour to take the helm of such an outstanding school.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be working here at Thomas Wolsey School,” she said.

“The children are amazing and the staff team are so hard working.

“The care they give to the children is exceptional.

“I just feel incredibly lucky to be part of the team.”