Sheep Week

Friday 22nd March

We bid farewell to our sheep Baa-bara and Tommy today.

Baa-bara and Tommy took up residence in our courtyard this week.  Homed in their purpose-built sheep pen, the ewe (Baa-Bara) and her 6 week old lamb (Tommy) provided a range of engaging learning experiences for our children from sensory exploration to understanding how to care for domesticated animals.  Older pupils made connections between animal care and careers. All pupils participated in a choice-making activity to name the sheep.  The sheep were loaned as part of Suffolk Agricultural Trust’s ‘Learning About Livestock’ initiative and fed in nicely to this term’s Primary Science focus on animals and their habitats.  It is the first time that the school have taken part in the initiative but the success of the initiative will no doubt pave the way for future ventures…watch this space!