Schools Transport is provided by Suffolk County Council. Families must apply for Schools Transport by the end of May each year to guarantee a place for September.

To apply click on the following link 

Please contact school if you require support with the application.

Drivers and escorts should meet with families before taking on a new pupil. They should get in touch with you to find out about the needs of your child.

Once pupils move onto college, families need to make a termly contribution towards Schools Transport. You will need to apply in the summer term of Year 11. Colleges offer bursaries to lower income families which many families choose to use to fund transport. If you would like support applying for a bursary, please contact school.

If you feel your child may be capable of travelling to college independently, we may be able to organise some Travel Training sessions whilst they are in Year 11. If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch with school. Click on this article to find out more Suffolk on Board – News / 500th SEND journey

Schools Transport is only provided for children who are statutory school age. There are special circumstances under which transport may be provided for some pupils however. If you think you may qualify, do get in touch with school.

Any disabled child can also apply for a free bus pass. This permits free travel during off-peak periods (9:30-11:00). To find out more and to apply go to Suffolk on Board – Concessionary Travel

For more information about Suffolk’s transport offer for people with disabilities, visit the Local Offer website. Suffolk on Board – School Travel / SEND Travel

If you have any issues around school transport you will need to contact them direct on 01473 265064