Thank a Teacher Day

19th June 2024

In a recent survey, our staff were asked what they appreciated about the workplace. Overwhelmingly, it was each other! And we agree, our staff are amazing!

Today is ‘Thank a Teacher’ day so today we will be thanking our amazing staff team for the incredible job they do, each and every day.

Our staff team, (teachers, SSAs, welfare team, cover supervisors, instructors, HCAs, SPLSAs, intervenors, MDSAs, admin and site team) work tirelessly and selflessly, juggling the many demands of their roles with diplomacy, patience, empathy, dedication, enthusiasm, passion, creativity, adaptability and integrity. We know that the dedication of our staff often does not stop at the school gates, and many of our staff continue to support our children and families in countless ways well into the evening, at weekends and during the holidays in so many ways, whether it is taking the time to make a phone call to check in on a poorly child, providing much-needed respite, personalising resources to suit an individual or simply always being on the lookout for that little ‘something or other’ when out and about that they know will inspire, motivate or challenge the children in their care.

At Thomas Wolsey, we ask a lot from our staff; we ask them to be educators, yes, but we also ask them to be social workers, nurses, care-givers, leaders and team-players. We ask them to deliver physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy as part of their daily routine. We ask them to be social agitators, moral guardians, counsellors and family support practitioners. We ask them to commit to life-long learning in order to improve the outcomes of our children and inspire others to do likewise.

At Thomas Wolsey, we know our children will only thrive if we all work together. Working with such a huge staff team brings its challenges but also brings immense joy, admiration, inspiration, opportunity and hope.

It is a privilege and honour to work with such an incredible team. Thank you.