School dinners are provided for by Eats. There are winter and summer menus. Menus are on a 3 week rotation. Information about allergens can be found on their website. Eats – Vertas. All menus have a meat and vegetarian option.

The catering team at Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy liaise with our Speech and Language therapists to ensure that the standard school dinner menu works for our children. Generic adaptations are made to all menus, bespoke adaptations will be made to meet the needs of your child, e.g. food made be pureed or gluten-free.

There are 2 sets of menus during the school year

Autumn/Winter menu – runs from October half-term to Easter

Spring/Summer menu – runs from Easter to October half-term

Current Menus

Please see below for our current menus:


We encourage children to be as independent as possible around meal-choices during PLI however menus are published on this site should you wish to prepare your child and help them make choices. Do let your child’s pastoral teacher know if there are particular foods to avoid or ones you know they will enjoy.

Lunchtime Clubs

We run a series of lunchtime clubs. These vary throughout the year and are run by our playleader but also sometimes by our older pupils. Click here to find the programme for this term.

Paying for School Lunches

The cost of a school meal is currently £2.53.

Children in Years Reception 1 and 2 are offered a free school meal. Children in Years 3-11 may be eligible for a free school meal on receipt of certain benefits. These are explained in the leaflets below. Even if you decide to send your child in with a packed lunch, registering for free school meals provides the school with extra funds which can be used to support them in other areas of their education. To see if you are eligible and to apply, click on the following link. Apply for free school meals – Suffolk County Council