School Closure

School closure may sometimes be necessary during extreme weather conditions. We will endeavour to keep the academy open whenever possible. When bad weather compromises the safety and security of the site, supervision of pupils or affects transport to and from the site, the academy will close.

A Parentmail will be sent out to all families if this is the case.

School closures are also broadcast on local radio stations (BBC Radio Suffolk 103.9 FM , Town 102 FM 102.0, and Heart Radio 97.1 and 96.4 FM) and posted on

Please note that schools/academies are asked not to notify the radio station directly, so any delay in messages reaching BBC Radio Suffolk and/or its website is not the fault of the academy – more the period of time it takes for Suffolk County Council to collate the information for all schools and forward it on on their behalf.

In bad weather, the transport operators have the responsibility for getting children safely to and from school. They will decide whether to bring your child to school or not, given their knowledge of the prevailing road conditions.

If the weather worsens during the day, pupils may leave school early. We will contact you to make sure that someone is at home to receive them.

Please ensure that the school office always has up to date contact numbers and a responsible person is contactable at all times in case of any necessary early closures or changes to transport home. You may also wish to advise your child’s transport operator of your contact number/s in case they need to contact you.

We have been able to provide a remote learning offer during the most recent extreme weather closures. Details of lessons over Teams will be sent out by your pastoral teacher via email. Please watch out for them in the event of a school closure.